Advisory board

The official fair advisory board was set up in order to maintain direct and permanent contact with the sector.


The advisory board meets at regular intervals to discuss the main aspects of the organisation of the trade fair. Certain topics raised are discussed further within specific working groups (e.g. product list, website, technical aspects, etc.)

The members of the advisory board do contribute in a disinterested way, for the sole benefit of the sector.

Exhibitors who have an interesting proposal regarding the organization of the trade fair, can notify the organization. The could afterwood be invited at the occasion of a boardmeeting to presenting their point of vue and/or suggestion.

The advisory board includes the following people:

For the woodworking machines

  • Mario Havegeer (Haco - Trading)
  • Koen Lismont (Lismont R.)
  • Dave Raes (Noblesse Benelux)
  • Werner Philips (Philips Constant)
  • Philippe Rogiers (Rogiers – Vanpoucke) Senior Chairman
  • Marc Vens (Vens & Thiers) - Chairman

For the suppliers sector

  • Bruno Parent (Egger Benelux)
  • Peter Van Hoecke (Van Hoecke)
  • Jacques Werbrouck (Van Opstal & Co)

For the Wood Sector

  • Jeroen Doom (Woodwize) - Vice Chairman
  • Anthony Denoyel (Floorconcepts)