The Hapax ATLAS adjustable deck supports are the ideal and indispensable basis of an excellent wooden deck. They are quick and easy to use because the joists of the deck rest on the adjustable deck supports without having to screw them in. The Hapax ATLAS deck supports are adjustable from 3 cm to 100 cm, making it easy to adjust the height and spirit level of your deck. 

Made of thermoplastic elastomer, the Hapax ATLAS adjustable deck supports are UV-resistant,resistant to temperature fluctuationsreusable and 100% recyclable. The Hapax ATLAS adjustable deck supports have a supporting power up to 800 kg/deck support.

The Hapax ATLAS adjustable deck supports create space under the deck and ensure smooth water drainage. Because of that, standing water and rotting of the wood is not possible. You can also easily repair the bottom layer of the terrace if there should be a defect. The use of the Hapax ATLAS adjustable deck supports extends the lifespan of your deck.

The Hapax ATLAS adjustable deck supports make it possible to build any deck quickly and easily, even yours!



  • Large bearing surface and high carrying capacity: leads to great stability and can handle up to 800kg/piece.
  • Universal: due to the diversity in top plates, they can be used for tile terraces as well as for wooden terraces.
  • Durable: because of the smooth drainage they extends the lifespan of the terrace.
  • Fast and simple: significantly reduces the installation time when controlling the height of the terrace.
  • Adjustable: adapts to any height from 1 to 100 cm in an instant.
  • Reusable and demountable: when moving or opening the terrace you can easily move the carriers.