We can announce with pleasure that the organization and the advisory board of the triennial technological trade fair for the wood sector that the fair can take place in the autumn, as initially planned.

The Corona pandemic has shaken many exhibition organizations to its foundations. Some fairs (such as the HoutPro + in Den Bosch, last year) were necessarily moved to a different and safe date. Others have been canceled. “What would 2021 bring? How would the Corona approach be absorbed worldwide and what would this mean for the next edition of our beautiful Prowood? ”

These are the questions that have occupied the organization and the advisory board since the beginning of February this year. Nothing was left to chance: all critical questions were asked, evaluated, and a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C worked out… in the hope that Plan A could make it.

It is therefore reassuring that the government, in function of the anticipated progress of the vaccination process and the reduced hospitalization rate - has drawn up an Exit plan, whereby it has already officially announced that scholarships will be possible in the autumn “in the normal way”. take place from September.