Digital, precise and easy to use - Shaper Tools brings robotics to the craft with Origin

Are you already cutting or are you still planning? With Origin, long deliberations are finally a
thing of the past. Because it has never been so easy to implement your ideas to the material.
Finally, you can easily integrate CNC machining into your work process - without a lot of effort, costs or programming knowledge.
Use the digital support and intuitive operation via touchpad and create projects according to
your wishes. You specify the direction and the automatic-cut-correction ensures precise results along every contour. Work faster and more precisely than ever before and discover new creative possibilities, very flexibly and always exactly where you need them: in the workshop and on the jobsite.

Find out in three minutes how Origin works and what you can do with it.

With the help of a camera and special adhesive tape, the so-called ShaperTape, Origin orients itself on a surface, for example a wooden panel. You will then see your scanned workspace on the touch display and now digitally place your designs or contours. Incidentally, you can do this directly on the tool yourself and create simpler shapes, lettering and box-joints in seconds. For more complex shapes, just use your favorite design software and easily transfer them to Origin as SVG files - either via USB or Wi-Fi. You can find project ideas or ready-to-use cutting-files on ShaperHub, an interactive online project library. Here you can save files, share them with the community and even download other users' projects.

You have never implemented your ideas so easily and quickly.

● Prepare the surface and scan your
● Place the design over the display
● Clamp the suitable milling cutter
● Type in the desired milling settings
● Start cutting

And best of all: Thanks to the intelligent autocorrection, Origin compensates for small
inaccuracies caused by manual work by moving the spindle horizontally in a certain area.
There are a lot of possibilities: wherever it is a matter of processing small or large areas
accurately and precisely, Origin is in its element.

● jigs
● Templates
● Box-joints
● Fittings

● Inlays

Thanks to free software updates, existing functions are regularly improved, expanded or
completely new ones will be added. This makes Origin unique in the world of power tools and
brings real benefits for all users

Convince yourself and experience the new way of milling!