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The Prowood edition 2015 ended in beauty !

At this "wooden" jubilee (fitht edition) we counted 15.697 visitors, of which 9.76 % from abroad.
This means a slight increase compared to the previous edtion and the exhibitors felt the need to invest. 
The recovery of the economy must have to something with it, also the the quality of the visitors was seen as very good. 
The next edition of Prowood will be held again in Flanders Expo, from 21 to 25 October 2018.

Some impressions of a busy day at Prowood.

Our partners are offering also during Prowood 2015 several seminars & workshops. Check here for the list.


The "Meet & Greet concept" was born from the need of exhibitors to meet and talk in a relaxed atmosphere, not during the fair where the thoughts are elsewhere.
This 2nd edition was a great success! Click here for the video.

Prowood 2015 was presented to the press in an original way in a original place.  
"De steenschuit" in Boom where a replica is made of the New Belgica in special conditions with special people was the place to be on the 12th of June.
Want to see more? Click here for the pictures!