The future of silicone: Parasilico AX

DN DL Chemicals nv
06/21/2024 - 16:40

The future of silicone: Parasilico AX

DL Chemicals launches the silicone sealants of the future with the new PARASILICO AX product line. This new generation of alkoxy-based silicone sealants offer many advantages. 

Alcoxy-based silicones are MEKO-free and are characterized by very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. As a result, these types of neutral silicones are considered less harmful to health compared to the oxime types. Alcoxy sealants are virtually odourless: no disturbing odours such as with acetic silicones, which makes the work a lot more pleasant.

The new generation of alcoxy silicones cannot be compared in terms of performance with the previous alcoxy sealants. The performance of the new generation of alcoxy silicones is at least on the same level as their oxime-based counterparts.

  • Excellent adhesion to most common materials
  • Fast skin formation and curing
  • High elasticity
  • Very easy to pump and to apply
  • Unlimited color choice

Thanks to the developments in our R&D lab, we can offer these alcoxy-based products cheaper than their oxime-based counterparts.

Today we can already introduce six products in the Parasilico AX line for different applications.

The new sealants are also packaged in PCR (post-consumer recycled) cartridges that consist of 100% recycled material.

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